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Open Government

McKamie Krueger lawyers are deeply involved in the development and application of Texas open meetings and public information laws, assisting public officials and entities in processing, evaluating, making and enforcing requests for government information, and access to government meetings. This has been a significant part of the law practices of all our attorneys since the inception of each of their respective careers in public service. The firm’s attorneys have been involved in precedent-making open government litigation for many years.

We are prepared to give advice on the best practices for public officials with regard to the application of the Texas Public Information Act and Texas Open Meetings Act, and defend the acts and decisions of those officials when challenges arise.

Latest News & Notes
November 7th, 2016
Partner Mick McKamie featured in AP article on cities’ use of cameras for ticketing

DALLAS (AP) – A lawsuit claims two Texas cities are illegally using cameras to ticket drivers accused of ignoring stop signs that extend from school buses as students get on and off the vehicles, arguing that among other issues, the state Legislature hasn’t authorized cities to take such action. Click here to read the full Read More…

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